The Stadiumback is Easy to use, Lightweight, Weatherproof, Stackable, Saves Your Seat, and is Durable

Introducing Stadiumback!

The lightweight, portable bleacher support system that fits any 2" x 10" standard bleacher and gives your back the support it needs.

Support Your Team!

Modeled after professional coliseum seating, the Stadiumback was designed to give you the true comfort and support you need to enjoy your favorite sporting event, Nascar race, little-league game, parade, or concert.

Whether you're into high school or college events or just love a good race, make sure you enjoy your next game with Stadiumback!

It's Fun and Easy to Use!
Step 1

Grab backrest by the handles.

Step 2

Bend both handles inward.

Step 3

Place the hooks over the front of the bleacher.

Step 4

Push the back of the seat securing the seat tab on the back side of the bleacher.